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The first thing that you can enjoy with Big boobs escorts is teasing them. They do not care about your small breasts if you are well endowed with bigger ones. So, it does not matter how big your breasts are, they will go with your bigger breasts just because they want to. You should try to tease them and touch them so that they get excited and stimulated. This will not only make them excited but it will also make them feel good and this is very important especially when it comes to enjoying sex.

The next thing that you can enjoy with Big boobs escorts is giving them a hard time. This is because they like it when you call their breasts bigger than the real size. You should grab them firmly by the shoulders and do various push ups. After that, you can start rubbing and caressing the bigger breasts. Make sure that you do not go too fast though or else you might hurt them. So, do not worry, if you are able to show your bigger breasts to these sexy escorts, then everything will go according to your pleasure.

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